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Leading independent loss prevention specialists

Insight offer a range of RFID, Source Protection, Electronic Tagging, IPCCTV, Data Protection, Biometric Access Control and Data Protection Compliance Solutions working with a broad range of clients in Retail, Commercial and Public Sectors.

Specialised product solutions for any situation

Insight is seen as one of the most flexible innovative suppliers offering product support and service throughout the UK & Europe. Our focus within RFID / NFC consumer engagement has seen this horizon widen significantly to include clients in the USA & China.

Your products are the platform to a digitised world

But that digitisation needs to start from the ground up! Not all things that companies do for digitisation make sense, but some do.

Our product solutions

Helping to change the way that products or brands interact with consumers. Investment in data & analytics to change the way they make operational decisions.


Insights favourite subject offering a complete range UHF & NFC solutions, smart product labelling & track and trace with a consumer engagement platform creating bio directional marketing & ecommerce link.

Source Protection

Hard Tag and EAS Labelling solutions that help give retailers a level of protection that improves store operations, increases profits and enhances the consumer experience.

Electronic Tagging

Intelligent retail solutions that not only includes gates that sound or alarm but also software, hardware, labels, tags and connected cloud based solutions that help deliver a more enriched consumer experience.


We offer an extensive range of IPCCTV equipment from entry level through to fully networked integrated systems, utilising simple interface platforms. Allowing you to get the most out of your system at the click of a button.

Access Control

Utilising Biometric fingerprint and facial recognition solutions to secure staff, premises and products, offering integration with networked systems to allow simple secure controls at the click of a button.

Digitisation from the ground up! Tailored product solutions for every business  

But that digitisation needs to start from the ground up!  Not all things that companies do for digitisation make sense, but some do.

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