Protection for our mutual benefit

Supplying the Loss Prevention Sector for over 20 years

Our experience in the RFID sector see’s us regularly breaking new ground for clients through the provision of smart labelling solutions to integrate better with end users & logistics. Insight was the first company to successfully place UHF RFID onto whisky bottles reading all 750 bottles packed on a single pallet whilst the pallet was being driven through the readers by a fork lift onto a distribution vehicle. Since then our work with the drinks industry has expanded with further track & trace projects as well as consumer integration through bi-directional marketing with Smart Labelling and NFC.

Insight (UK) Ltd are seen as the largest Independent Source Protection supplier offering direct and bespoke solutions. We consult on source protection/source tagging at many levels from pre-product launch to shelf end solutions, assisting all clients through our experience and knowledge in this specialist field.

The great thing about our business is that we are technology driven and constantly try to educate ourselves and clients in what can only be described as an evolving digital world bi-directional think that’s why we have seen the successes we have over the last 20 + years.

Investment in product personalisation & customer experience

Helping to change the way that products or brands interact with consumers.

Investment in data & analytics to change the way they make operational decisions.

Investing in digital distribution channels to change how you go to market.

Delivering your products safely  

As an independent supplier to the Loss Prevention sector for over 10 years, our success has come from our ability to source or manufacture specific solutions to our clients needs.

The problem

When it comes to digitisation it isn’t enough to invest in a bunch of platforms & hope for the best. It will take much more than a few shiny new apps to transform your business. The thing is, if your in a business that sells physical products, that sale happens in the real physical world.

Your factories. Your distribution centres. Your resellers. Your customers. All exist offline.

The solution

If you want to really digitise your business you need to start with your products. Your entire company exists to make, move and sell products to customers who buy, use and love those same products.

So rather than following the crowd each investing in similar platforms, it’s important to recognise that your products are your platform! Digitise your products and you will digitise every part of your business that really matters.

How to digitise your products

Option 1

Take time to invent a product with a smart digital screen that’s connected to the internet and reinvent the marketplace. Could well be the future.

Option 2

Embed a wireless RFID tag within or on the product you already sell. Makes sense right now and a number of companies are doing it.

Benefits of digitised products

Remote tracking & security

You can remotely identify each of your products as well as its location. You get digitised processes to tackle counterfeiting and the security of your products. By linking your tag to location services you’ve created Living Products.


Your customers can tap the products with their IOS & Android devices to trigger a digital experience on their screen. New way to interact directly with your customers on a bi-directional basis, turning your product into a digital distribution channel.

Logistics & warehousing 

We talk of track and trace what does that mean in a digital world, well we can tie individual items down to case or pallet levels giving stock control and transference information in an instant.

Delivering exclusive, dynamic content wherever your customers are; in a store, their home or out and about.

A new kind of product data  

When you digitise your business you get a new kind of product data, living product data. In no uncertain terms you’ve digitised your business and brought life to millions of things that move through your operation into your consumers world.

No Competitor, no reseller, no fraudster can get in the way.

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