Electronic Tagging

Intelligent retail solutions that not only includes gates that sound or alarm but also software, hardware, labels, tags and connected cloud based solutions that help deliver a more enriched consumer experience.

Loss Prevention & Shrink Reduction

Insight (UK) Ltd offer an extensive range of Hard Tags, Pins and Lanyards to compliment existing EAS Systems or to give added security protection where Systems are not used. Whether your Systems are Radio Frequency, Acousto Magnetic, Electro Magnetic or 66kHz our Tags are designed to compliment Systems and maximise your merchandise protection. Our full range of Tags can also be customised to fit in with your store environment, match with your corporate identity or help to increase your web traffic with www advertising. You will be surprised as to what can be achieved in our Tag design department. We also offer a full range of Tag accessories such as Pins, Retainers, Coils, Clutches, Lanyards and Strings to help you get the maximum benefit from you Hard Tag application.

Electronic Tagging Solutions

Insight offer a full portfolio of systems tailored to your exact requirements

Electronic Tagging Systems

As Checkpoint Systems leading UK distributer & partner for the last 20 years, product development has been key to our success in a fast moving sector where the focus on the store entrance for free flowing space is paramount we offer an extensive range of the latest Wide Aisle & In Floor Radio Frequency Systems accommodating aisle widths between pedestals up to 2.1 metres on a standard RF Label. Digital & Wireless detection platforms will see that development move even further with our latest range of NEO systems offering tag detection on aisle widths up to 2.7metres wide.

Alpha Merchandise Protection

Insight’s range of Alpha High-Theft Solutions provides you with the most innovative and technically advanced products engineered to protect your high-value merchandise. Our goal is to help you control all levels of theft and improve your bottom line. Integrating Alpha into your loss prevention portfolio will allow you to see results immediately with a return on investment typically happening within months, not years. This outstanding ROI has been proven time and time again with our customers benefit from Alpha Products


EAS Labels (Soft Tags)

EAS Labels can easily be disguised to look like standard retail Swing Tickets or be incorporated into product packaging. Many styles can be overprinted with corporate identity or advertising. Labels can be made overt and have printing such as ‘Security Protected’  deterring opportunist theft by bringing security to the forefront of consumers minds.

Hard Tags, Pins, Lanyards

Our range of Benefit Denial products enables retailers to openly merchandise a large variety of items that in the past would have been at a high risk of theft with some being retained in locked cabinets to minimise losses, so by using these products retailers can now promote the all-important ‘impulse buy’ whilst freeing staff for other tasks.


Keepers & Safers

Keepers and Safers which come in a variety of sizes to protect a wide range of products, retailers can secure items while still allowing the customer to view and read product information with the stock on the shelf as open merchandise. Transparent and durable these re-usable units with secure Magnetic Lock, are easy for staff to both open and close at a point of sale. 

Deactivation & detachers

Our Deactivation and Detachers integrate well with point of sale procedures maximising efficiency for the final sales process. 

Deactivation, in general, is a seamless process of passing goods over or onto a Deactivation Pad at the point of sale to render the Tag in-active allowing the client to exit the store freely without activating the System. 


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