Insight specialises in the supply of Radio Frequency Identification encapsulation (RFID) and can offer a complete labelling solution for RFID circuits for the Retail and Leisure industry.

Your products are the platform to a digitised world

RFID’s popularity in both Retail and Leisure increases day by day. Covering Item Level Tracking, Inventory Management, Anti-Counterfeiting, Brand protection, Access Control and Event Management.

RFID is one of Insights favourite subjects, we offer complete range UHF & NFC solutions, smart product labelling with a blockchained software platform for anti-counterfeit verification, product track and trace as well as a full consumer engagement platform creating bio directional marketing with an e-commerce facility creating an important direct link between brand & consumer.

Established intergration

RFID’s increasing popularity is seeing it find its way into many familiar settings, we’re starting to see RFID around many days to day items and with readers now active in most Apple and Android devices product digitisation and the internet of things for consumer integration is not something we just talk about anymore it’s already implemented.

Logistics tracking

Through the use of RFID this area has improved ten-fold making stock taking, inventory auditing and replenishment a more streamlined process. Item level security has also been increased with the ability of the RFID Chip to carry product identification, date of sale and warranty verification, bringing added security through anti-counterfeit and secure loop label technology providing brand owners, retailers and customers alike a safety mechanism like it’s never seen before.

RFID in retail

If you’ve been paying attention to retail fashion you will hear people talk about RFID and you will hear even more so going forward, since 2016 the use of RFID in retail has grown exponentially. Why is retail getting on board? Simple, the Omni channel of retail is likely to be based on this technology and by digitizing products in retail you start to digitize your businesses.  RFID in a store will provide retailers with a huge insight into what’s actually happening with stock & their consumers. RFID integration is rising because it provides retailers with a means to have a real-time handle on stock, staff requirements, consumer trend & stock demand which ultimately increases the bottom line.

Improved Stock control

Stores hold a lot of stock & availability is key, having a real-time handle on stock at the touch of a button is going to be critical for the future of retail not only for daily operation but for customer’s loyalty as they will recognize a retailer with good stock availability and return time and again. Real-time stock availability becomes so important for the retailer of the future.  Having accurate data allows them to find stock quickly & confidently share that information online even if there is only a small amount of stock available enabling services like an online purchase with in-store pickup, with that level of data both retailer and consumer gets flexibility in where and when that sale happens.

Future ROI

Retailers of the future will interact with the consumer at as many junctures as possible, in-store, online, branded app, thirty-party web portal and a digitized product will be the vehicle to facilitate the whole process. Customers today want products to be available for when and where they want them, if a retailer can increase its stock control and reduce inaccuracies as well as removing the ongoing manual cost of stock control and it’s inaccuracy’s, the retailers will be sure to see a positive return on investment through the implementation of RFID.

RFID Solutions

We have a number of systems available to accommodate specialist RFID needs.

RFID Labels & Encapsulation

Through the use of RFID Logistics Tracking has improved ten-fold making stock taking, inventory auditing and replenishment a more streamlined process. Item level security has also been increased with the ability of the RFID Chip to carry product identification, date of sale and warranty verification and airport baggage identification bringing added security procedures for both retailers and customers alike. 

RFID Curtain Antenna

This revolutionary Technology sees the integration of Loss Prevention and Inventory management in one easy move. The RFID NXP Curtain Antenna combines EAS and RFID functionality in one system, showing exactly where the future of inventory and shrinkage control is headed for retail. One system that allows the use of a dual function tag that deters theft and provides inventory management has been desired for many years and it’s available now! 

Popular applications

More recent and high profile uses of RFID are in passports, event management due to the high level of anti-counterfeiting measures on offer with major music festivals, pop concerts, sporting events like the Commonwealth Games & Olympic Games utilising the major benefits of this technology, linked in to blockchained network and cloud-based systems these help governments & event organisers streamline process and of course combat counterfeiting, whilst providing another direct interface between the user and provider.

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